What Motivates Women Fashion Choices



Women always consider modesty when choosing fashion as it plays a very major role. Some of the things that always determine modesty are season, place, time, religious beliefs and even cultural beliefs.  For instance, you find there are some communities that does not allow some parts of the woman body to be exposed for people to see like the breast, shoulder and so on.  Apart from that we also have the Muslim religion that wants the women to cover all their body parts while in public like the face and the legs.  People may think that these practices are similar but they do differ from one state to the next and even from one place to another. In addition, you will find that some countries have also set policies on how women should dress in public places.




Another factor that determines Haircuts For Women Over 40 is beauty and seduction.  You will realize that some women choose pants, dress, lipsticks with the aim of improving their beauty to attract men.  They are always dressing to attract men as men also just like to talking to women who are seductive and beautiful.  When you put on a tight, short skirt and having your breasts or pants exposed you will attract the attention of many men as thus is exactly what they would like to see. Make sure that you go for the fashion that can communicate your goal before you could tell anybody. Take for example a night bar, you cannot dress in official fashion in a night bar but instead some tight cloths that can expose your body.



Apart from that, women's status also helps in choosing their fashion.  Your status or the position that you hold in a social group will determine the fashion that you will go for.  Like you find that it is very easy to differentiate between lawyers and members of tennis team.  Thus, why you find that women with a status or position in a society, choose a fashion that communicates their caliber. Apart from that it will be very easy to differentiate between a nurse and a teacher at work.



Ceremonies is also one of the things that determine women fashion.  Normally most of the women fashion are being designed to serve specific events or mark important functions in their lives.  Some of the specifications that you can see are the wedding dress, gowns for debutante and even some of the night dresses for women. One unique thing with them is that they are always shiny, elaborate, and flashy garments which communicate some special message. 


Trending fashion is one of the thing that guide women in choosing their fashion. Like some of them can decide to cut their hair like a celebrity and even apply lipstick like some of the popular artists. How Do Mood Rings Work?

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